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Adam Randall
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LeelaCosgrove, post: 13791 wrote:
I rarely watch TV, but happened to turn it on tonight during a segment on Today Tonight about swimwear.

I was interested enough to go to the Today Tonight website to find the company’s website details (the whole time saying to myself “Oh dear Leela – you know if you buy, you’re going to have to retract your stance on PR … “).

But when I got there, what did I find?




I mean SERIOUSLY. If you KNEW you were going to be on Today Tonight would you not move heaven and earth to have more than a landing page on it?!?!?!!? If you couldn’t get the new collection up, that’s one thing – but to have NOTHING.

*shakes head*

Expecting people to email or phone you is (sea!) folly … if I couldn’t be bothered, imagine how many other sales they’ve lost …

SO sad.

But SO typical.

I remembered this advice Leela when I got on the radio the other night:)
I had a landing page on my business web site that was to do with a fundraising sponsorship thing I am doing.

The day before I thought, remember what Leela said in that post, be prepared, and I thought having www. blah blah blah forward slash blah dash .html will get me about 2 visitors including my mum.

So I registered http://www.saladdodger.net, pointed it to the page I wanted it pointed to and got to mention it a few times on the radio.

I got about 110 visitors to that page that night.