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Richard A
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Rod Marriott, post: 13943 wrote:
Hi there

Rod Marriott here and I was just wondering if anybody has some good ideas on how to generate leads for my online business.
I am advertising on google but would be good to have a few more.
I searched your site for “Lifepath Unlimited” but got no hits back. I searched your site for “Liberty League” and there were some results there.

Is anybody out there doing the “LifePath” or “Liberty League” business?

Hi Rod,

Yeah there are a few of them here but they dont blatantly advertise! More of a “bait and switch” strategy!

Good luck with marketing – LLI has quite saturated the online space (and most telephone poles around Brisbane!) with their strategy of getting punters to buy a website and market through it.

I am not convinced it is a viable business model, but good luck anyway.