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Hi Dan,
Sorry for the slow response – Renee was right, Flying Solo Live held me up from reading your post, and quite possibly a few other people too.

When I’m not FS Concierging, I’m a freelance writer, and have worked with quite a few graphic artists, so here are my answers to your questions.

1) Do you understand what a graphic designer does and how they work?
Yes, very well.

2) What’s your perception of them?
I love them! I am so grateful that there are people on this planet who can arrange my words in a way that makes them easy to read, pop from the page or screen, and illustrate my points with photos and graphics. And the ability to create a good logo is also phenomenal – so impressive to be able to capture the essence of a business in one simple graphic.

3) What is the most important aspect you look for in deciding to hire one?
I rarely hire graphic artists for my own business, but sometimes my clients ask for my help in sourcing one. My first criteria in deciding who to recommend is how much I trust the GA. There is no way I will recommend my clients use someone that I don’t have the utmost faith in. Secondly, it depends on my clients’ needs – for example, I recommend different GAs for book design than I do for logo design. Thirdly, style – I always compare what I know about my clients preferred look and feel to the GAs portfolios, and if they’re not in alignment, I don’t recommend them.

4) After you hire one, what’s your expectations?
a. Reliability
b. Delivering over and above what my clients expect – some of my clients have never worked with or briefed a GA before, so I try to choose GAs who I know will deliver what they need as well as what they ask for.
c. Openness to feedback and amendments

Hope that helps! Please feel free to ask me any questions you have,