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Eco Manifesto
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Hi Dan,

1) Do you understand what a graphic designer does and how they work?
2) What’s your perception of them?
3) What is the most important aspects you look for in deciding to hire one?
4) After you hire one, what’s your expectations?

1. Basically…maybe….you don’t know what you don’t know! (Do I have the time to research, find out in great detail etc – no, my core business is running my business and hiring/outsourcing when needed). How they work – don’t really care as long as they give me what I want!

2. No perception of them generally. Had a perception of each individual graphic designer when I was looking for one.

3. – Value for money (but I believe this is subjective! :-)
– Does the graphic designer have a feel for what I want/am about
– Honesty (how do you know till you’ve hired them!) :-)
– Patience (ditto)
– Tells me EXACTLY what I’m getting (ie. formats it will be supplied in, how many changes, no hidden or extra costs etc)
– Assume the potential client knows nothing about graphic design and gives them expert advice/guidance (maybe answers the second part of your first question? – as a client I only want to know what I absolutely need to know in order to get the job done and this is hard to define if this isn’t your core business or expert area – hence relying on the graphic designer to advise as necessary).

4. Same as 3

Kindest Regards,