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It would also depend on who you are that is dealing with the designer. A client or a supplier?
As a designer, I’ll never forget having words with a particular supplier. Id supplied artwork, ready to go, they do nothing, just import the eps as is, no editing, just import, and spit it out so to speak, but no, they had to recreate fonts because they wanted it as fonts, even though it would no longer be “correct”, they decided to reduce the size of the major graphic element so it didnt bleed off the page… they thought they were doing me a favour, but no, a designer will provide “press ready” artwork that is not to be altered in any way. As we’re having this discussion, supplier mumbles “you’re all the same”, my reply, “What? Designers?, his reply “Yes, designers”, my response “Why? Because we always want it perfect, what we supply to you is EXACTLY what we expect, unedited, uncorrupted, just as we’ve designed it?”

Designers are picky perfectionists generally. Meh.. tough