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Renee Barber
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pado, post: 14498 wrote:
The best designers are just that, designers, they shouldnt need to have the skills to write copy etc, they come up with the creation, the image and style. The team around them decide on the copy, marketing, unique selling point and the designer uses their skills to bring that vision to life. You need a great team at a design agency who each skilled at their own areas, design, marketing, copy etc.

thats enough of a ramble, a good designer is more valuable than gold, the problem is the bad ones give the good ones a bad name.

– greg

Hi Greg

I do get where you’re coming from in that most people cannot truly excel at a lot of different areas at once. However, as a communications all-rounder (writer, editor, designer and marketer), I’ve found that my clients love that I have so many disciplines in my toolkit.

While we’re talking about it, I’ve found that most small businesses cannot afford an agency where everyone is a specialist. Therefore, the value I offer to my clients is that I have a wide range of skills to employ on each project and, if I don’t have it, I know people who do.

I know people get riled up because other people reckon they can do the first person’s job without the education and experience, but people are people. If they think they can save a buck by doing it themselves (whether it’s SEO, designing a flyer or whatever), they will probably continue to do so until they are convinced that their bottom line will be improved by using a professional.

Frankly, I don’t waste a lot of time worrying about the businesses who don’t get ‘it’. I use my energy on working with clients who do.