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1) Do you understand what a graphic designer does and how they work?

I think I do, I imagine it is awfully similar to how I work when doing website design. (Design only, not any geeky behind the scenes development)

2) What’s your perception of them?

I have met and worked with a range of ‘OK’ graphics designers who thought the project started and ended with how pretty it was, and some others that quickly clued on that their input was ‘part of the puzzle’ to effective communication and sales. (Some of the first group may have been greatly influenced by the ‘personality type’ that they were as individuals)

3) What is the most important aspects you look for in deciding to hire one?

Their ability to follow through and complete the tasks that they say they can do. (This is the same request I have of all professional service providers I want to work with)

4) After you hire one, what’s your expectations?

They they will execute and complete the tasks mentioned above. And do so professionaly, without taking constructive critism personally when “my ideas”, “their ideas” and “my customers expectations/reactions” aren’t quite aligned and a revision or two is required (With appropriate $$ provided)

I hope you have found some value in my comments above and they help you make your business better.