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Adam Randall
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I think of them the same way as any professional, they are the people I would go to if I wanted a good design.

The material they work with is more subjective which in my mind would make it infinitely harder to deal with on a daily basis. Its also very hard to quantify a successful design in financial terms. How would you know its a success?

A good designer is rarely born (some are) its just they do it 8 hours a day 5 days a week which by default will make them better than the average person who does not spend that amount of time per week on design work.

Its just like laying tiles, do I do the job myself to prove a point that it aint that hard, make some fundemental mistakes through lack of training then fool myself into thinking its a good job or do I get a pro to do a job that looks better than mine and has taken quarter the time?