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Matt Milgrom
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An interesting discussion, no question. As a career-change designer, I thought I’d wade in…

People often confuse design with art. Sadly, average designers are guilty of this.

Design is all about THINKING. It’s about understanding the business problem/opportunity which has been presented, and then offering the best visual solution to it. It’s also about COMMUNICATING – especially listening and asking questions.

It’s not just about pretty pictures – although that often comes into it.

My background is running large IT projects within international corporations. Before re-skilling and feeding my creative passion, my world was business, not design. The disciplines, however, are closely linked. It’s all about outcomes.

I work with career designers on a regular basis and have noticed (especially at agencies) that they rely on others to truly understand the client and his business problem, and on a very specific creative brief. Many of them would struggle to create one themselves, however, and know only how to please their art director.

Personally, I’m not the most talented designer on the planet. I rarely push the ‘edgy’ envelope. I’m unlikely to ever have a retrospective at the MCA. However, I keep my clients happy by listening well, thinking carefully and focusing on results as I follow fundamental design principles.

Occasionally I might make a pretty picture. ;-)