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Adam Randall, post: 14548 wrote:
Its also very hard to quantify a successful design in financial terms. How would you know its a success?

That’s right. It’s hard to quantify it in ROI terms. Leela mentioned “results” but it’s near impossible to tell a client that if you spend X, you will get Y in return. That’s why design is more a long term investment and harder to pitch to clients who are hungry for instant results. However, on this subject…

There was a study down in the UK several years ago. It researched which companies used design and what impact it had. The results showed that businesses who used design were 40% more profitable and more competitive than their competition.

Adam also touched on the point of “do I do it myself or get a pro”. If it comes down to a lack of money I can understand people doing DIY. But if it doesn’t, I seriously can’t understand why anyone would NOT seek out a pro. Not just for design but for any other skill they don’t possess. When it comes to your business you should be doing the best you can do for it. Clients who DIY their own design is not the best. The amount of shoddy marketing material and web sites I see, just makes me shake my head in disbelief and think if only that client knew how much better it could be if they got it professionally done.