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Renee Barber
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B.B., post: 14589 wrote:

As the business continues to grow, the need for more design work does also but I’m a little loathe to dabble with dour designers. (said with tongue-in-cheek)


B.B., don’t let one dabbling, dour designer spoil the bunch! There are some seriously talented people on this forum … Oh and this is not a pitch! :)

Generally …

I think most people lose sight of the fact that the successful execution of an effective design (or really anything for that matter) relies on a great brief/plan. In agencies, there’s someone to come up with the creative/marketing strategy. As a soloist, you’re the one steering the ship so it’s vital to give your designer as much information as possible about your overall strategy, target market and what THEY want, etc. Otherwise, you’re very likely to get a ‘pretty picture’ that misses the marketing G-spot (pardon my ‘French’, but you get what I mean).