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Hi Paul,
your dilemma is difficult to answer definitively.
And I obviously don’t know enough about your business at this moment, but from some of the things you mention in your question, I have to say that it sounds a little as if your business and you are not at the right stage to take on a business partner or angel investor or to take out a business loan. It seems that the business is struggling a little to meet its new overhead commitments and that the market for your business is not as secure as you might want.
If that is the case you would want to be very careful taking on extra commitments and in all likelyhood an external investor or partner is going to be hesitant to come on board with you or they would not be paying you enough money for a share in the business.
It sounds to me that you need to really knouckle down and get the foundations laid a bit more securely before you take on extra debt or commitments…. feel free to email me to talk about this.
Roland hanekroot