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FS Concierge (Jayne): Thanks for your warm welcome and also being the first to post a comment… You’re a Star!

protocon (John): Thanks for the offer to help – I might have to take you up on that… ;)

What is it that you do, exactly?

exstatic : Thank you for noticing my natural, down to earth nature – and I do mean what I say, so its great that other people can see that too… Its great to know I come across that way! :)

ClintSalter (Clint): Thanks for the Congrats… I definately have done alot for my age – (always been beyond my years.. hehe)

Good to see you tried to check out my website, well, lack of website… I am currently in the midst of trying to get it sorted. Its funny you ask though- I have just returned from holidays, today actually! I have been away in whoop whoop (North of WA – Kimberleys) for 5 1/2 weeks. I was meant to have everything ready to go for when I got back, but to be honest, I had way too much fun and put everything work related to the back of my mind, so not much was accomplished… Then, a week ago, I started to listen to a bunch of Business related Audio Books I bought before we left. One, in particular, I listened to was FANTASTIC!! Changed my whole life I think – from a business perspective anyways… Its called – The New Rules of Marketing and PR. By David Meerman Scott. If you havent already read or listened to it – I strongly suggest you do! :)

So, I had most of my website planned out, the way I thought I wanted it, and then this book came along!! Now i am changing my directions and focus onto a new way of working… its going to be BRILLIANT!

Though what I actually need to do now is going to take a little longer… I am going to need some help… I basically need to find out what my clients/potential clients want to know or read or see about me and my business, instead of just telling them what I think they want to hear….

Just need to figure out the best way to get it done… Not sure what I am going to do just yet though. I may enlist the help of some fellow soloist, with a survey maybe?

Any thoughts? Anyone?

Krystal Castle