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VacuumRobot.com.au, post: 14674 wrote:
Hi Krystal,

Great to meet you here, I’m from Perth too. Well about my business I sell Robot Vacuum Cleaners to people like you, young mums and busy households :)

It’s an interesting field you’re in there, 701Design. Hope you’re able to get good clients and all the best with your business.

Best Regards,


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your post – I actually already have a Roomba… But looking at your now, I think we probably bought the wrong brand – we really should have bought yours!

We dont have a remote or anything like that, and to be honest, sometimes it would be very very very handy! :)

I will be sure to look you up again when we want to buy another…And until then good luck with your business.

As for my business, I love what I do, so I definately think its a good field to be in. Plus all my clients are fantastic so far… I think people just want to be treated with respect and dealt with in an open & honest way – and if you can deliver on those, you’ll have a good, if not great, client! (well, 99% of the time anyways) ;)