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Burgo, post: 14961 wrote:
Young ,Fresh and Vibrant

Hello and welcome from

Old, tired and boring.

Oh memories, but I like what I read, As for my business,
I love what I do, so I definately think its a good field to be in. Plus all my clients are fantastic so far… I think people just want to be treated with respect and dealt with in an open & honest way – and if you can deliver on those, you’ll have a good, if not great, client! (well, 99% of the time anyways) ;)

Go to the top of the class, youhave found the secret of success, so now enjoy the journey

Wow thanks for that Burgo, I will enjoy the journey!
Im glad everyone follows and agrees with what I think and say…

I have noticed you commenting on alot within the forums, you seem to have alot to say and im sure everyone is willing to hear, so keep up the good work! :)