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BobF, post: 14441 wrote:
Thanks for the info competitions.

Mercury is a concern in compact fluorescent lighting but if disposed of appropriatley is not an issue. Companies like http://www.cmaecocycle.net/op_fluoro.html currently provide lamp reycling services for homes and businesses. The Federal government is also investigating the need for a national recycling scheme.

Its also important to keep things in perspective; most modern CFl’s contain approx 5 milligrams of mercury, an average watch battery contains upto 25 milligrams of mercury.It is also important to note that using CFLs actually reduces the amount of mercury being released into the atmosphere. They do this by decreasing electricity consumption and therefore electricity production (coal-fired power stations emit mercury).

I’ve not heard of the epilepsy issue before. I guess everything has positive and negative effects and by knowing what the effects are we are able to weigh the benefits against the costs.

Thanks for the website link – it actually states CFI’s contain between 5 to 25 milligrams and worse for Linear Fluorescent Lamps – up to 80 milligrams.

It’s great that companies exist to help with the disposal issue however the great majority for households will simply throw them in the general rubbish without further thought.