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keepsmiling, post: 14016 wrote:
Does anyone know what type of insurance is needed?
Is it public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance? Anyone know any companies that can provide this and the cost of it?
He will also have other workers working for him-what type of insurance does he need?
Any one know rough cost price and any companies that do this?

public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance sounds right to me.
But when it comes to business insurance you should probably ring a broker.
They’ll be able to tell you and set everything up. They can usually provide you with a couple of options for a normal business like this.

Price is dependant on so many factors it is hard to say but I’d guess around $2,000 all up for a year.

Give John Elliott a call at http://www.elliottinsurance.com.au 08 9227 5900

The location does not matter for the broker.