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FS Concierge, post: 14094 wrote:
Hi Michael
Wow, I am so impressed – another person who got home last night and jumped straight on the forums! It is really exciting for us to know that you were so inspired!

It is great to have you here, and we’ll look forward to your contribution.

Since you mentioned that you’re in the inner west, you might also be interested in going along to these breakfast networking meetings that Bruce (who you also met at lunch yesterday) has set up:

Thanks Jayne :-) I wasn’t keen enough to logon last night, my head was still spinning….

Michael, you’re most welcome to come – although Glebe at 7.30am might be a bit far for you! The next breakfast is Tuesday week, the 29th. I’ve also just invited you to connect on LinkedIn as I see you have a profile.

Cheers, Bruce