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Janet Horton
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Thanks for the notes!

With so much discussion on apps, we hardly had a chance for productivity discussions. I couldn’t let the conversation go without sharing my favourite productivity gadget … my second computer monitor –

Why? You can look at 2 documents at once…the one you are working on and the one you are using as a reference. Key benefits:

1. Save paper and ink (No need to print the reference doc)
2. Save desk space (no paper sitting on the desk)
3. Save time (no peaking at email while you jump back and forth between docs open on your computer.

It’s not high tech, but it is a huge productivity advantage…give it a try. It’s a standard feature on Windows these days…called extended desktop. (yes, I am sure those sexy macs have it, too)

For those who were interested in more info on cloud, security, etc…this is a good link to reference articles…