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I understand your point however you can’t compare fixing a car to design work. Fixing a car follows certain practical criteria – design is an individual thing. I know for example that I am very clear about what I do and don’t like in design. To try and sort through hundreds of design companies to find one that will understand what I want and will think along the same lines and understand the type of branding I want to create is a huge task. If finding that perfect designer who fits in with my vision is made easier and a lot quicker by using a site like 99 Designs then I would much rather do that than waste hours of my time and money sifting through many different companies trying to find the perfect match. Now that I have found the perfect designers for me I use them all the time rather than going back to the site.

99 Designs is also a way for student designers to get a leg in the door and gain experience.

Perhaps there is a particular process to be followed for the perfect brand or logo, but personally I would prefer to use someone who ‘feels’ what I am trying to achieve as opposed to making me follow set criteria. It may not be the right or best avenue for everyone especially if they are not clear about their target market or the type of branding they are after, however it works for me. And btw – I am not a cheap client.