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HI Leela

Totally agree with your comments and there certainly are hundreds of bookkeepers with little knowledge who charge a cheap rate and cause no end of mess to their clients books. And yes it is incredibly annoying for those of us who have to clear it up.

I guess one of my main points is that it is dangerous to generalise. I found my current graphic and web designers both on 99 designs. They both run professional organisations and have many years experience. They have both produced very good work and gone over and above the normal customer service. I have not needed to go back to 99 Designs as a result.

Another point to note is this. When I launched http://www.space4.com.au some years ago I did not have a big budget for the website. As a result I used a web designer from Elance. He cost me $15,000 less than a local designer would have and it was the only option I could afford at the time. Was he a great designer and easy to deal with? Not especially, but had elance not been around then the site would never have existed and hundreds of single parents over the last 3 years would not have been able to improve their standard of living as a result.

In a perfect world there would be no dodgy operators and we would all be able to afford the best of the best. But we do not live in a perfect world and different people have different needs