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Ideas Book, post: 14825 wrote:
They both run professional organisations and have many years experience. They have both produced very good work…
I don’t want this to sound like i’m picking on you, but how would you know what is good work and what isn’t? If you don’t know anything about design or web development, how can you differentiate between good and bad?

I took a look at your ‘web designer’… D****n Knights. No physical address, no postal address, no phone number, no information about who they are, no info on where the web servers are located. Yet they call themselves a professional web hosting company. Their portfolio work is amateurish. Site is built in tables. I’ve seen hundreds of operators like these and they are usually some kid with a cracked copy of photoshop working out of his bedroom. They have little or no design education but love the idea of calling themselves a professional web designer and just on-sell a cheap reseller plan.

the people you’re talking to here are NOT your target market

Sad but true it seems if brett is your typical example.