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dan, post: 14829 wrote:
Sad but true it seems if brett is your typical example.

Flying Solo is predominantly full of people either starting out in business and solo-preneur hobby businesses … there are a handful of others on here, but the majority are starting out … they’re not being obnoxious, merely stating their own truths as they see them. Which is cool. Everyone goes on this journey for themselves and makes their own decisions.

I’m sure there’s stuff you wouldn’t have been willing to spend money on when you first started out – and I’ll be there are people on here who would get REALLY annoyed at you not thinking their profession is as important as other stuff!

We all see ourselves as the heroes of our own dramas – we all see our own passions (and particularly our own businesses) as incredibly central to good results for our clients. That’s why we’re STILL in business – if we didn’t believe that, we couldn’t sell. If we couldn’t sell, we’d have no money. And no money means back to a day job!

It’s not sad – this community isn’t about marketing yourself and getting work (you can tell the people who are here for that reason – they disappear pretty quickly when they realise that’s not what FS is about). It is, however, a great opportunity to educate your market about why they need to understand the difference between cheaper and more expensive options so that one day, when they are ready, they’ll have some idea about what they’re looking for …