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Sigh, Dan.

The point I was obviously trying too subtley to make is that coming on to a forum and going around willy nilly attacking everyone for not understanding your industry isn’t going to get you far.

Don’t get me wrong, as many of the regulars here will attest I’m the first to get bitey when people get my industry all back to front. But I would hope that even those who have been on the bitey end of my biteyness would agree that I at least endeavour to add value to people … that the majority of my posts are trying to help others … and THEN I get into the occasional slinging match.

It’s great that you go to the best people you can find – not everyone starting a business has that option. Not everyone at that level has money. Many new businesses struggle to make ends meet – to pay their own bills let alone the business’ bills. And sometimes the $400-$500 difference between a crap designer and a decent one really WOULD break the bank.

There are people like that on this site.

Telling them they suck isn’t particularly constructive.


Flies – honey, vinegar.