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jan delmas
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Hi Marnie

I’ve done both – written for my business and had someone do some writing for me.

It is hard, particularly when starting a small business to spend money on writing. I think it’s hard to spend money on anything where the benefits are at first intangible – logo design, marketing plans, newsletters, bookkeeping. By intangible I mean it’s not as if you are buying a product that you can see a direct correlation with a profit.

Having seen the difference in what really good copywriting can do to bring in business I would definitely pay someone to do writing for me. However it would be targeted writing eg. landing page, sales blurb, marketing material. This is mostly because I know I don’t have the right skill for that kind of writing as I consider it quite specialised.

On the other side I would continue writing articles and blog posts because I like to write. Also because there is an element of research in writing it keeps me up to date on what’s going on in the world and my target market.

In addition at the Flying Solo Live there was a well attended panel session on outsourcing. The key benefit of outsourcing as agreed by the panelists was that as a small business you got time back to do more and be more. And with that the ability to grow your business.

I hope my thoughts help in some way.