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LOL this thread is starting to read like an advertisement ;)

From my own experience as a professional writer and media person, and ex newspaper editor, I know that many small business owners struggle to grasp the needs of media, which is what a lot of it is about – first you have to get the media to be interested!

Of course these days many will claim that making use of free (or even paid) press release services is a good way to get the message out. But you still need a good hook to attract the media to say ‘hey this is news’.

Of course often for soloists the press release may only be for the local market, and under these circumstances, a direct approach to the local rag can work wonders. They may even do the interview and write the story and even take a picture, but increasingly they will ask for ‘copy-ready’ releases – yes, slack aren’t they!!

So if you want to do it yourself, remember the inverted pyramid, a strong intro para with the who, why, when, where and when (all in the first 20-22 words).

Get the important stuff in first and work towards the least important at the end – sub editors are notorious for chopping as space dictates (even halfway through a sentence!!).

Keep the release to one page unless you really have some important stuff (to them, not to you ;) ) – if you do then they will likely contact you anyway.

Even if you decide to write your own, it is always worth making contact first with a journalist, then send it to them, and then followup.