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LeelaCosgrove, post: 14439 wrote:
It took me four years of pimping myself as a ‘Freelance Writer’ to realise the truth – business people (even those who have the $$ to outsource) rarely see the benefit in hiring a writer … I spent a long time banging my head against brick walls, developing and testing USPs, interviewing people to figure out that entrepreneurs are interested in ONE thing – ROI.

That’s why I changed the way I referred to what I do. “Freelance Writer” has no tangible value. Information Product Specialist i.e. creating products you can sell for money … now THAT has tangible value …

It wasn’t a change in what I was doing – I’d been creating products the whole time … but when I attached that value to it, it completely changed the way I did business.

So the answer – whether you’re a writer, designer, doctor, lawyer or carpenter is to define the TANGIBLE VALUE for your clients. Once you are able to communicate that to them, it’s a far easier sell …

But remember – the value must be about what THEY value.

“Saving you time” is not valuable to a start up who has more time than money. However, “generating hot leads” might be something they’re interested in.

It’s all about knowing EXACTLY who you’re selling and EXACTLY the kind of value they want … and then delivering that.

LOL, when I worked for a science based organisation I used to be referred to as ‘the interpreter’ – simplifying complex stuff so it could be understood by the average person.

I even did a website on why biotechnology is not bad and how antibiotics, cheese and beer are all the result of biotechnology.