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Hi Bianca,

I have worked for QLD Health for many yrs – big public hospitals and also tiny rural ones. What has worked for me when I start in a new hospital is asking staff what they think about anything – get their opinion.

You may not act on these but they at least feel they are being listened to by their boss bec often they are forgotten, don’t feel part of it and get that attitude of just going, doing their job and going home. If you act on a suggestion for change, even better and give credit where it is due.

Likewise, when my superiors ask me what I think I rise to the challenge and feel my presence is validated.

I also find the best people to relate to are the ones in the lowest of the hierarchy who have been there for yrs and could just about run the place. Keep them onside and you have the respect of many people and they will do all they can to help you. Makes life easier.

All the best.