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Thanks Sophie,
That’s pretty much what was thinking, and I’ll advise her the same.

My niece also uses just words on a lot of her badges. What about things like funny sayings that you see on a T-shirt someone is wearing? Or funny jokes/oneliners that do the rounds in emails? How on Earth could you even begin to trace the originators to even ask for permissions? What’s the bottom line there?
For example: What if she made a badge with the recent Kanye West ‘Imma let you finish’ thing? I mean, that phrase is everywhere now….where is the demarcation line? Is there one? Or is it more like ” you make big bucks with something, THEN the originator wants their cut” ( Even though the originator didn’t think to make money from it UNTIL someone else did).
That raises another question: Are words you SPEAK copyrighted?? If you physically hear someone actually SAY something, can you use those words to make money?