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Hi there,

I think the advice listed above is all good.
You are dealing with people’s or companies intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights.
There are huge financial and legal ramifications for doing so, just ask anyone who has tried to open a restaurant with “MC” or a yellow M in the title.
Most large companies are willing to let you use their image’s or likeness’s for a licensing fee.
This is where the term “licensed product” comes from, for e.g when you buy a Bob the builder t-shirt from a shop, it is licensed, the owner of the intellectual property has received a fee from the t-shirt maker to use the likeness of Bob the Builder.

I have no idea at all as to how you would go about contacting the rights owners to such things…
I think that you could probably get some good free legal advice from her NEIS operators in regards to intellectual property rights.