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exstatic, post: 14333 wrote:
Hi Julie,

I’ll do my best to help you out.. firstly.. how are you marketing the launch? Do you have an existing list that you might email out to? Are you doing any advertising? – how will you get visitors to your site?

In regards to how long you keep the promo going, well that depends on how well received it is.. for a website, I usually give myself 100-200 unique visitors to see whether or not a campaign is working, if I can’t convert 100-200 visitors to a sale, then I need to re-visit the campaign.

In terms of how you limit the promo items, I guess that depends on whether or not those items make you a loss and how big a loss you can take.. or whether it can be offset against marketing costs etc.. If you sell 500 items at promo and each of those makes a $5 loss.. thats a $2500 cost to get those sales.. will those sales turn into repeat customers? What are your going to do with those customers? How can you get the value out of that promo? And can it be measured?

And for no 3.. I think registering could be an ok idea.. maybe if you were to add some exclusivity to it.. like register here to get exclusive 15% deals not being offered to the public..

Best of luck
I did have a list, but that was in Texas USA…and I am only selling to Australia now. I haven’t done any advertising, and am not sure I could really. I haven’t really done anything pro-active to get visitors to my site, mainly because I am still uploading all my products. Oddly enough though, a search for ” body jewellery australia” has me on page 3, which did surprise me ( pleasantly). I’m not desperate to get this site booming, it’s a bit more than a hobby, but not a “bring home the bacon” thing. I’m quite happy to have it develop a client base slowly

The promo items won’t make a loss ( nor will they make much profit either), but the promo items are ones I am happy to just clear costs with. I really didn’t start this site with the aim of making big bucks, I truly did start it because I was ( and still am) disgusted by the obscenely huge markups ,that I know for a fact, most body jewellery has.

I was thinking maybe of making an announcement on the site, listing the promo items, and their prices( with photos and descriptions), and saying that the first “insert number” of people who register, will receive an email with the promo code. Would that be okay?

Thank you for your great response, I really do appreciate it, and it’s helped me a lot with my thoughts about my site.