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Again, I’m not a lawyer :) so no promises

I have a family trust own my shares in my pty ltd company. What this means is that at the end of the financial year, the profits from the company can be directed between myself and my wife in any way we choose.

So at the moment my wife is at home with our baby, so she is not earning anything, at the end of the financial year the accountant will apportion 50/50 the profits meaning we save on tax.

ie say $50,000 was earnt
If the company was in my name I would pay approx $9000 tax
with the family trust $25,000 each, $2850 tax each, total $5700 tax.
$9000 – $5700 = tax saving of $3300

Family trusts only cost a few hundred to setup so very worth while (well for me it was). You can apportion it any way you like. You need to do a tax return for the family trust though but is often combined when doing your company tax return.