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If you plan to make money from this venture, which it looks like you are (re: building up a website then charge for advertising) then it is a business. If you see it as a hobby you may not take it as seriously as you need to and find yourself investing lots of time and effort into something that doesn’t give you a return. :)

All the best!

Amanda G

jaguar23, post: 14361 wrote:
I’m looking at creating an online business, although I’m not sure if it would be classed as a hobby.

The site will be a sports related site with reviews of different sporting facilities, initially focussing on facilities within the state and then expanding to take in facilities from around Australia. This would involve me visiting such sites and taking photos and collecting other data to add to the reviews. I won’t be charging for any reviews, however if a ‘client’ requested a tailored review to be done then I’ll probably charge for my services.

I would also be offering an advertising type system where businesses can ‘rent’ advertising space within the site. There would be a charge for this service on a monthly or bi-annual basis. However I don’t expect the income to be very great. Maybe $500 a month once it get’s going. I’m just looking at getting an extra bit of income while I continue my day job.

My question is whether the above setup would be considered a hobby or a business. I obviously expect to be making a profit. I’m proficient in web design and creating web pages so I’ll be doing that stuff myself.

Thanks for any help.