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Discounting does WORSE than devaluing your product … the whole thing is highly illogical … think about it like this …

You’re doing OKAY but you want to do better … so in order to do that … you cut your prices by 50%. Okay, great. Now you have to sell TWICE as much to make the SAME money as before.

People who discount assume that the reason people do or don’t buy their product is because of price – when this is rarely the case.

Bundling is often a great way to offer special deals … put MORE in for the same price.

As far as advertising stuff goes, what I tend to do is offer something free – not a discount, not a ‘free if you buy something else’ – but a free opt-in (obviously you want to use some kind of information product that will appeal to your ideal target market here, not give away your stuff!). This allows you to build the number of leads you have and THEN you can sell them into stuff … over and over again … you’ll get WAY more interest this way (cause it’s free, and people heart free stuff) – and you’ll have the opportunity to close people who would probably never close just from an ad.