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Just want to say that I totally agree with Leela.

You have to sell x amount of products to cover the discount % you are offering to break even and turn a profit on the campaign.

I wanted to offer something to our clients but felt a % off discount was too standard and with all the cons mentioned by Leela I decided to go with a add on service that was FREE.

I offered new clients a Free business consultation. Rather than just talking about the website, we discuss their business as a whole. We had a pretty good response from it. I felt that it worked better than a % off ever would have.

Find something that you can offer that won’t affect your bottom line but is perceived as valuable.

I looked at your website and your products. If you offer travel toys why not speak with Hire car companies. Sell your products to them, they can offer it as a add on when they hire cars out to families on holidays.

Not too sure how well it would work but it was just an idea I had. You won’t loose anything from calling and doing the pitch. If it works you can put your website details on the products they use so that their clients can have your details if they like your products. If it works take it further try different forms of transport in the travel industry.

Carlo Kasparian