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Leela – thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you on discounting but my target market loves a good discount! Or something for free – so will work on something for added value.

I do agree with you about the Information Product to a certain degree. I have seen many examples of informational products put together that retails for $97 but for “subscribers” it’s free. I’m just not convinced of this approach yet. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the information is mostly re-modelled from other websites and the information is already free on the net. I’m not convinced by this – but would like to explore more. I will email you if that’s ok.

Paul – thanks for your comments and thoughts. I do sell via party plan as well. Am thinking of expanding this side of the business! Will see what happens!!

Carlo – loving your business consultation idea. I think from a service point of view – that is something that works really well. From a product point of view, like I responded above, I’m not totally convinced about the informational product valued at $97 etc. I will have to test it out and see what happens! Love the car hire idea!

Thanks for your great ideas!!