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ickle Kids, post: 14935 wrote:
Leela – thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you on discounting but my target market loves a good discount! Or something for free – so will work on something for added value.

I do agree with you about the Information Product to a certain degree. I have seen many examples of informational products put together that retails for $97 but for “subscribers” it’s free. I’m just not convinced of this approach yet. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the information is mostly re-modelled from other websites and the information is already free on the net. I’m not convinced by this – but would like to explore more. I will email you if that’s ok.

Of course – there are crap information products and good information products … they’re certainly not all equal and many of the issues you mention are there … mainly because the market has been educated by a bunch of people who don’t really know what they’re doing:

“Just turn your website into an ebook”


What value is there in that?

It’s all about outcome – for you and the client, what’s valuable for your target market, the process you take them through and the format that works best for your clients.

But almost no one thinks about or teaches that … makes me angry! The value of info products is huge – it’s just that most people in this country have no idea what they’re doing …