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Hi there good topic. I’m also always trying to think of specials or offers for my customers. People don’t seem to have a problem paying full price as I believe we offer a great value product. I hope though that by having regular specials this also helps to keep people visiting our site, having us fresh in there minds, and drawing in new website visitors.

Plus I justed checked on google keywords search and over 1,000,000 people searched the word ‘Special’ in Australia last month. Special offer(s) amounted to over 20,000 also, so looks like people are looking for them.

Before I sold stuff if I saw a special and it was 10 or 20% off I was like, argh, only 10% not much of a savings. I didn’t realise till I looked at doing this myself how much that really cost the retailer. As the % off comes of the total price, which ends up coming directly off your margin, even at 10% that can still be quite a hit.

We’ve tried to use package deals or get something free with a purchase. We do monthly specials so still do get a bit lazy at times and have a $10-$20 off discount or so. We also like to offer specials to customers if it allows us to save ourselves. Such as selling on Ebay, Trademe etc incur large listing and success fees, so maybe we don’t offer free shipping there, but we can do so through the website where we save on these fees. This upcoming month on our newsletter we’ll also offer discount pricing for direct bank deposit payment as this saves us credit card process fees.