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Good on you for wanting to organise a budget!

When you say –

“I will be working for one major client that pays monthly and need to budget for this. I am use to fornightly pay thats why”

I get a little concerned…. does this mean that you’re used to spending all your money in that fortnight and therefore feel you’d have nothing left if there was no money coming in for the 2nd fortnight of the month?

Effectively that tells me you’re spending everything you earn – as you earn it.

So – the first thing you need to address is this – How much money do you need to run your household for just one week?

That’s the basic question you must answer when establishing a very simple budget. If you’re not sure where to go from there – please don’t hesitate to give me a call. (afterall, budgets are my business and the program won a place in the Smart 100 this year)(*grin*)