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Hi Laine

I’d recommend Yesim of http://www.mymarketingmentor.com.au. She’s based in Sydney but works with some of her clients over the phone. She definitely has experience in all of the things you’ve listed.

Good luck

ickle Kids, post: 14515 wrote:
I’m at a crossroads at the moment and feel as though I’m in desperate need of a mentor to bounce some ideas around and for some direction! Don’t we all have days like that?!

So I would love to hear your experiences:

* How did you go about finding a mentor?
* have you found them on “Small Business Victoria” site (or something similar) which offers 4 sessions for $320 (seems reasonable to me – what do you think?)
* How often do you touch base with your mentor?
* Can I borrow your mentor? … (just kidding! It’s that time of day for me!).

I’m looking for one with:

* a retail background
* importing experience
* manufacturing offshore
* online marketing guru!

Can’t wait to hear about your experiences!