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Thanks to all for your comments – It is always good to get feedback.

It’s been 8 months since conception, and after all the hard work it is good to know the product really is still relevant.

The biggest thing we have tried to accomplish is to lose the ‘Tacky’ stigma that is associated with the coupons/discounts industry.

I remember back when I was a teenager I wouldn’t dream of pulling out a discount coupon – Funny thing is our research shows that women are more attracted to the man in control of his finances rather than the cockatoo hair-cut – Any excuse to flash the new iphone I guess is also a bonus hehe.

– That’s great to hear, its one of the good things about this industry. Hopefully we can capture a range of different businesses and give consumers more of what they want – More choice!

– I couldn’t agree more, I was at the new DFO near Brisbane airport the other day – I’m not a huge fan of shopping centres but it’s definitely the place to get a better deal.

Thanks again all.