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Contestants: vaguely okay … better than I thought from the ads, I must say – some potential actually decent competitors in there … but yes, how funny was that chick?! When she introduced herself at the MCA “Miss Australia 2006” It’s like … DUDE. Let it go.

Personally, if I was in charge I would have TOTALLY booted the project manager – purely based on her negotiation skills. Don’t tell me you’re a high level executive and then negotiate by cutting price before you even get a median. Loser.

Challenge: To be fair, I don’t think the challenge was really fair. They’re not freaking gardeners – how are they supposed to know how long a job is going to take? It would make more sense to have them negotiate and sell and then have contractors do the work. That’s what I would do if I started a gardening business (and clearly I’m the standard for everything everywhere).

Boss: Pft. Who would want to work for him? Whatever … yeah, definitely no trump.

All in all – pretty vanilla.