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I readily admit that I was very skeptical about Twitter (as are most of the 50+ brigade that I know). But when I started to get new clients that called as a direct response from tweets posted by a happy client – I began to take notice.

So – I joined in and for me, the experience is a positive one.

I don’t have hordes of followers, in fact I’m a little discerning about who gets on the list, and which lists I get on. Why? Because Twitter is more about interaction than about broadcasting and I figure I can’t interract properly with 20,000+ people.

The ROI figure I would equate with Twitter is 15… 15 new leads, 15 new subscribers to my newsletter, 15 new speaking engagements, etc. Break that down over the 5 months that I’ve been using it, and it equals about 3 of each per month, a little less than one a week.

Considering I don’t spend more than an average of one hour per day – I’m happy with the results. Apart from all that – I’ve made some great new friends and contacts.

The clue to making Twitter work for you depends on how you use it. If you view it as a huge networking opportunity then consider this – would you go to a networking event,stand on a chair in the middle of the room, screaming out about your business and what you have for sale?

Love it or loathe it – Twitter will be around for a while to come yet. Rather than just talking about results, you can make them happen too. It all depends on how you use it!