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soliddata, post: 15057 wrote:
Thats very interesting.

BB and Leela, do you have any tips on what you did on Twitter that worked, eg. what helped people find you etc?



I guess my user name helps people to find me and let’s face it – “Budget Bitch” can certainly make people look twice. (But that’s also part of naming a company and standing out from the crowd)

Pado asked earlier “I am really interested to know also of those that get work from random subscribers to twitter rather than just friends of friends on there”
Let me tell you that being over 50 is no barrier to participating in social networks – but I am yet to find any of my long-time friends there. (most of them just don’t get it!) So the ROI numbers that I talk about are all people that I had never met before.

I view Twitter and Facebook as a networking thing and approach it that way. I’m not utilising LinkedIn to it’s best potential, possibly because I find it lacking in personality. I’d rather do business with a person than a business.

It really depends on the type of networker that you are. If you go to a networking event with an attitude of -“what’s in it for me” then you’ll find it hard to interract with people. This is because you’ll always be focussing on what you can get, rather than thinking about what you can contribute. And, believe it or not, people can always tell when you’re only looking at the size of their wallet, rather than who they are – regardless of the medium.

A favourite saying of mine – “there are no strangers, just friends I haven’t met yet” reminds me how to network…. everything else will fall into place. And if you have trouble making friends – then I suggest that well known book by Dale Carnegie – ‘How to win friends and influence people’ could be on your list of books to read very soon!

Yeah – share the re-tweets on Twitter – but don’t be a parrot. Only RT the links and sayings that mean something to you also! Don’t just re-tweet for the sake of being heard – you’ll only just sound like an emptyhead.

If you’re going to post links – make sure they’re working and legitimate, and if you’re re-tweeting links make sure they’re working and legit also. Nobody likes a ‘bum-steer’.

And if you don’t know what to tweet about – then use principle 1 (part 2) of that (previously mentioned) Dale Carnegie book and “Become genuinely interested in other people”. Nobody will see you blush in front of your screen!