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I have been using twitter for a few months now and find it a great networking tool. I have been able to meet a lot of vendors within the same industry and do some cross promotion but as far as sales from customers ZIP! I have found that the customers are very rare and it is more vendors there to promote their business’ than anything else.

Ive sort of hit a crossroads, I’m in the wedding industry have networked with so many wedding vendors but still hoping to snag the brides, have great exposure through my own forum but still there is always room for improvement… hopefully word of mouth and all this networking starts to pay off! But again I suppose it depends on what industry you are in as well..

Still love facebook, do most of my product sneak peeks on my fan page and have a great following but still hanging in hoping the customers start using twitter though I am starting to think I have used up all my potential online marketing and now need to move offline and do the old fashioned thing!