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Benedict, post: 14640 wrote:
I hear you.

Look at the results I got from looking at advertisers in the yellow Pages with websites. Scary stuff indeed.

The common excuse given by marketers over non-existent sites is that they are too busy with clients to work on their own sites. I don’t buy it at all. To me it says they don’t really care to understand their clients and are too afraid to make any statements or have any stance in case it turns away any possible client (on the assumption that everyone born is a potential client).

I don’t buy from people like that either as they don’t develop any trust.


BTW I have a car and traveling music if that helps you ;-)

Thanks for your offer … I am looking for a “wholistic” marketing consultant/mentor rather than just the website. (Which I know does need work)
I will definately keep your details on file though