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Warren Cottis
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abacus, post: 14643 wrote:
Thanks for your offer … I am looking for a “wholistic” marketing consultant/mentor rather than just the website. (Which I know does need work)
I will definately keep your details on file though

Hello Abacus

you opened the door so thank you…

I deliver business improvement strategies and they are underpinned by state of the art internet marketing platforms to drive sales and reduce administrative costs

My company, 360 Digital Performance, brings you knowledge and expertise to demystify the internet so you can attract new customers, know your customers, boost sales to each customer and create quantum growth

We build businesses… not just websites… whether you’re a small business or a corporate, we deliver a positive return on your internet marketing investment because we put enormous energy into building every client’s business. We also bring a lot of diverse skills to the table including management, accounting, financial, legal and systems expertise.

Don’t worry about the structure and formality of my pitch… we can meet and do business the old fashioned way too.