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Hi All

A lot of ppl to target in response:

@ Abacus: I’m sorry you didn’t see that what I offer is exactly what you are asking for “wholistic” marketing consultant/mentor. That is the whole point of my b-commerce and Sales Flow process. I am a sales specialist and not a technical provider. I offer to build websites simply because a certain percentage of people want that along with my expertise. I mostly work with existing websites.

@ Craig: I don’t think emailing people who offer email addresses publicly is illegal (yet). Un-requested email has very poor response rates. I only did this as part of the experiment to see how it may go. It certainly gives the impression small business owners don’t value their websites as a selling tool.

@ Warren: I will have a look at your site and be in contact.

I tend not to want to buy from any business who doesn’t have a website. If I can’t research them (or be referred), to me it is like they don’t exist. Harsh I guess but not uncommon now.