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Hi Abacus,

I’ll probably be flamed here, but you make simple comment and it’s good to see people looking this way nowadays as well: “I am looking for a “wholistic” marketing consultant/mentor”.

I am currently employed, but developing a business on the side based upon providing a Consultative and Mentoring approach to several business areas including Marketing, IT&T, Vendor Management, Business Systems and general advice and guidance.

I can’t profess to have a website that outlines this yet, primarily as my original business was to be an IT Provider, this has now migrated into the new field of dedicated and focused consulting / mentoring service.

I have also recently applied to the QLD Government Small Business Solutions to become a mentor as well.

I offer a service with a difference, primarily based around my experience and network, I can assist you in different fields.

Please feel free to contact me as I would welcome a chance to put some ideas forward.

Many thanks

ITS Group