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This is a very saturated niche, but if you are getting traffic then that’s a start.. I think one of your issues is your asking for too much information without the visitors knowing who you are..

People are very reluctant to give an absolute stranger all the information you are asking for, especially online – unless you are giving them something that is worthy of their details!

I suggest that you dumb your form down a bit, maybe just ask for the name and email address, also, I am not sure what you are giving away for free? all I can see is the word ‘INSTANTLY’ and comprehensive information..??

I think you need to have it like – fill in your email and address and I will send you the beginners guide to starting a home business for FREE!

Its a more attractive call to action than what you currently have.. and if your traffic is targeted then people are more likely to trade their details for a free guide on what they are looking for.

Best of luck!